Cargo and Freight Sales Management System

The Cargo Management System was built using SAP SD and TM modules, empowers ENR (Egyptian National Railways) with complete end-to-end control over commercial, operational and revenue accounting processes. The system drives cost efficiency throughout the ENR organization making the sector of cargo sales the winner in the ENR body and increases its competitiveness in the transportation of goods market.

Cargo solution is highly interoperable, modular and scalable. It can be adapted and customized via system configurations to suit organizational needs. And to help automating the whole process, the system is integrated with the ENR strategic systems (e.g. Finance – Maintenance …). The core cargo systems for ENR, is layered by tools for reporting and optimized load planning which help decision makers to prepare more accurate strategic plans in order to increase the revenue in the Cargo sector.

ENR uses this system to make the most of the usage of the Cargo wagons to run efficiently. By involving the Cargo operational team, the system helps to maximize the gain from every freight rolling stock. It also leads to the development of sales activities through future plans. Improving customer service is another dimension as ENR is able to ensure the satisfaction of the service provided as a process of support.

The system consists of :

Public transport: Every year there is considerable criminal activity on public transportation including buses, metros and trains. With our solution, public transport vehicles with onboard surveillance can always record video while on route. Technologies such as Edge Storage and our solution make it possible for video footage from onboard cameras to be automatically or manually retrieved later. The retrieved video can be combined with other video recordings from the transportation station to make it easy to investigate incidents and export evidence.