Railway Advanced Electronics Systems

TransIT starts in quick steps towards adding new company capabilities include Concept, Design, Validation, Production, Evaluation, and Installation then putting into the operation and maintenance of Railway Advanced Electronics Systems complying with highest safety integrity level (CENELEC SIL4) &diagnostic with appropriate software provide technical and maintenance support, on turnkey basis for professional Advanced Electronic systems that can operate under stringent / harsh or normal environmental conditions (mainly for transport sector in Egypt and the Middle East).

TransIT is in progress of establishing development department and communicating with several international companies in addition to performing several technical studies and facilities preparations to reach and realize the capabilities for producing Railway Advanced Electronics Systems.

  • Development department has the following capabilities:

  • Provide state of the art solutions including microcontroller embedded systems.
  • Develop new products and services that meet client’s needs the right solution the first time.
  • Shorten time-to-market for new developments effective business strategies and development tactics.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity organizational and personal capability maturity.
  • Establish competitive positions in national or world markets best in class processes leading to best in class performance.
  • Capability of producing the prototype of the product then perform coordinating efforts for manufacturing (may be through Arab Organization for Industrialization).
  • Applying The System Engineering Process Model (The objective of the SE Process Model is enable SEs to transform and evolve a User’s abstract operational need(s) into a physical system design solution that represents the optimal balance of technical, technology, cost, schedule, and support solutions and risks.).

  • Future Products Portfolio:

  • Automatic Level Crossing Protection Systems.
  • Collision Avoidance Systems for Trains.
  • Rail Signaling Solutions.
  • Automation & Monitoring Solutions.
  • Train Passenger Information System.
  • Collision Avoidance System for Yards and Terminals.
  • Automatic Timing (Recording) Device for Railway Wagons.
  • Traffic Management Solutions.