• Projects for ENR

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

      ERP Deployed Modules are: Financial Affairs and public accounts FICO has been applied in nine major regions of the Authority. Human resources (HR) has been applied in nine major regions of the Authority. Stores and purchases (MM) has been applied in 32-stores of the Authority. Maintenance (PM) has been applied in 36 workshops of the Authority

    • Rail Passenger Sales Management System`

      The application of a new system for sales of passenger ticketing (booking and payment) to the number of 150 stations with a total of 450 or more nets in addition to the city areas and fabricated bodies accredited offices (judiciary and the Supreme Council of Universities ...) and sales agents.

    • Cargo and Freight Sales Management System

      This system aims to develop and automate the cargo sales sector for the Egyptian National Railways (ENR). Also to follow the shipping process through implementing the latest global methodologies. The system has been applied successfully in 38 stations of the ENR.

    • Information Display System for Passengers

      Project involves installation of data display screens for passengers and display ads in stations Cairo and Sidi Gaber. The number of screens in Cairo Station 62 screen. The number of screens in the Sidi Gaber station 70 screen.

    • Trains Delay Analysis System

      TransIT is supporting a monitoring and analyzing system covering all trains’ journeys as well as the statistics on delays. To date, information from 2013 is available. For decision makers, identifying the distribution of train delays and analyzing the delays by how the size is distributed, where they occur and when they occur could give an insight to where measures for improved reliability should be directed. The system is successfully deployed in 10 monitoring units.

  • Other Projects

    • The supply & implementation of LAN to the Arab Labor Organization project (2014)

      Project involves supply and installation of 56 Information points besides 3 Cisco switches and 8 access points, a firewall, 8 computer devices and a USB device.

  • Supply & implementation of LAN for the Egyptian Company for rail projects and transportation (ERJET) (2015)

    Project involves supply and installation of 56 Information point besides the network devices and firewall.